The Countryside and The Sea

The Sea

In the charming area of  Cavallino Lido, a day at Union Lido Park & Resort will make your vacation truly unique and unforgettable. Enjoy this deluxe marine atmosphere, in a private setting,  for a completion of your vacation in Venice. Union Lido is an enchanting resort surrounded by a large private park and situated opposite its private beach.


Stately frescoed rooms, tastefully restored and furnished with antique furniture, carpets and etchings. Stroll over original marble and wood floors, contemplate the gothic windows on the façade in warm sunlight or under flickering torch-flames at night.
The farm of Lispida covers more than 90 hectares, and has a thermal lake with hot springs which produces mud useful for its therapeutic and relaxing properties. Not far from the Castle there are several Thermal Centres where you can book every kind of massage and treatment, and , of course, the world famous mud therapy. In the surroundings you can also find a lot of hot thermal water swimming pools.
The Castle lies in the very heart of the Euganean Hills Natural Park, in a protected area of beautiful and peaceful landscapes, just the right place for people who like to walk in Nature and wander around with mountain bikes, which are at disposal of the Guests.
Close to the Castle you’ll find 4 beautiful and demanding golf courses (two courses 18 holes par 72, one course 27 holes par 72 + par 36 and one 9 holes).
If you are an art lover, the Castle of Monselice, the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca, the cities of Padova and Venice and many other places will offer you interesting cultural opportunities and world known works of art.

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