The Beach

Spend a day off the crowd of Venice! Enjoy a free entrance to Union Lido Park&Resort, located on the Cavallino Riviera, a large, sandy peninsula 15 Km long, between the sea and the lagoon of Venice.Easy to reach with vaporetto line 12 and Lido’s connection (see for timetables) the riviera from the sea appears not only a long beach, but large and round sand dunes that offer shelter to a wide variety of flora and fauna that are unique to this coastal area. Behind the dunes there are Regal pine trees and beech trees that make for a very nice crown. Cavallino is also renowned for it’s vegetable growing. Right in the middle of this original area is located Union Lido Park&Resort, over a kilometre long beach and in a very favourable position: the sea currents permit to have a sea clean and clear and it also has therapeutic properties, thanks to the high levels of iodine. Golden tans and long swims, open-air life, all this may be enjoyed at the Union Lido Holiday Park, where an unforgettable day off the Venice crowd is guaranteed.

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